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Anonymous asked:
how do you walk away from someone you love? how do you move on?

its the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. the way i found best for me to move on was to have them blocked off everything, it removes all temptation to talk to them and to constantly look at what they’re doing and such



Fresh and swollen. New pine tree tattoo I gave myself.
Anonymous asked:
can I ask for some advice? What do you do if you really like someone but they kinda gave up talking to you for whatever reason, like you havent done anything wrong in your eyes? I'm just not sure what to do or do I leave it and try and move on. Help?

well first off maybe confront them and ask what has happened, and if you’ve done anything. then based on their response you’d work out what to do, i would try to fix things myself, but thats because i hate leaving things on a bad note, but if they clearly don’t care then walk away, its not worth the hard work on yourself

  • Friend: You go to concerts on school nights?
  • Me: No it's more like I go to school on concert nights.
  • So my professor was asking questions.

  • Professor: Who plans on getting married within the next 5-10 years?
  • Like 3 people: *raises hand*
  • Professor: Who plans on never getting married?
  • Me: *raises hand*
  • Professor: *points me out* why?
  • Me: It's illegal.
  • Professor: touche.
  • kelly-darkoscissorhands:

literally me.




Isn’t it relaxing?Just seeing the snow quietly flow down, makes you calm.

This is so perfect I want to cry

This is so relaxing to watch

There could be a dead body under that snow and no one would ever know. 

oh, there you are Tumblr.





A semicolon is used when a sentence could have been ended, but it wasn’t.
Twelve hours old, done by JT at Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Whitestone, NY.

like her life could have ended, but it didn’t wow

this is so perfect oh my god

this is oh my god i want it





i can’t pinpoint why this is even my favorite gif but it is…


depression does that to you ..

being a ghost

I wonder how many people know this is The Wonder Years…